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Hey there!

I'm Lottie Liams

I'm a 19 year-old folk-indie singer-songwriter and performer from the North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Though prominently known for being a singer-songwriter, I am an artist in many of its forms, such as being a designer, a writer, a model, a composer, a film-maker and many other creative titles.

Though let's not forget- I'm also prominently known for the way I look. I'm famous for having a bald head as a result of a disorder called Trichotillomania.

In addition to creating stuff, I also talk about stuff.

I live with debilitating chronic health conditions such as M.E and Dysautonomia, and am passionate about raising awareness for the chronically ill community. I have also been open about my lifelong battle with mental health issues, and am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community as a queer woman.

Lets get personal.

How it all began.

So, you want to know more about me?

Let me take you back to how this whole "musician" thing started.

As I've talked about many times in interviews, I became severely ill when I was 13.

I developed two major conditions, one called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E for short) and one called P.O.T.S (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia).

For the next year and a half, I was back and forth between being bedridden and being housebound. Developing these chronic health conditions, especially at the age that I did, was an devastating hardship. I couldn't go to school, I was in excruciating pain constantly- leaving me without much of a life to live.

But through this hardship I managed to find a purpose. My mother bought me one of those cheap ukuleles from JB Hifi (an electronics store), and so my existence began to revolve around the one thing I was able to do in my debilitated state - make music. And I continued to do so throughout my teenage years, through my 4 week long stay in rehabilitation- where I let a fellow inpatient and friend hear me sing for the first time, throughout my struggles with depression and anxiety, through my battle with Trichotillomania which caused me to shave my head ... frankly, as soon as I started making music, I never really stopped.

I picked up a guitar for the first time not long after I was discharged from a brief stay in a psychiatric hospital in 2016. I had become small within myself and felt that to combat this, I should make my music bigger. So I swapped out my tiny ukulele for my mother's big (albeit poor quality) guitar. Within the first three days of me picking up that guitar, I wrote three songs. One of them is on my debut EP which came out in October (Track no. 3). Another will be the foundation of my next album. As much as I hate my mum's old guitar, I have it to thank for being my vessel for creating some of my most treasured songs- which I still play live to this day.

And where it's taken me.

My first gig I ever played was in May of 2017. It was this tiny community event a couple of towns over from me. It was my very first step into pursuing my dream career,

My big break came when I opened for crazy successful band "Middle Kids" on three of their "Lost Friends" album tour shows- two of which took place at the famed international music venue The Corner Hotel in Richmond.

Following this, I've become a desired support act among many successful Aussie bands, including CASTLECOMER, the amazing Josh J Cashman and Ben Alter, and the incredible four-piece band from Adelaide called "Ukulele Death Squad", who I had the honour of joining on-stage at their Melbourne show for a Nick Cave tribute.

Since then I've released my highly anticipated debut EP titled "Greenhouse Blues", a record of all original songs and compositions, a record I created to portray a special message and string of emotions I could only explain through music. Greenhouse Blues was released internationally on the 8th of October 2018, Track #1 of the EP titled "Butterfly Milk" becoming the biggest hit among my fans worldwide.

In addition to this, I explored the role of tour manager and booking agent by orchestrating my very own three-part EP Launch Tour to take place in November/December of this year. The final show- which will be the biggest- is taking place at the Northcote Social Club, a venue which has seen many famous names, and will be my biggest headlining show yet.

I've been interviewed live on some pretty top-notch radio stations such as 3RRR and JOY fm, featured in an article in Allure Magazine, become an advocate for chronic illness and mental health, helped put together an album of talented female composers for International Women's Day, and achieved so many other wonderful things, even more of which are certainly to come.

Meet some of Lottie's Instruments


The Acoustic Guitar

This Takamine beauty was the first guitar I ever owned. I named her Vera, which is Russian for "faith" (I speak some Russian so its not weird, I swear.) Any of my songs written from February 2017 onwards (when I first bought her), were definitely written on this guitar.


The Electric Guitar

I'd had my eye on this particular Stratocaster for about 10 months before I played a gig in the last week of October '18, during which I was payed enough money to finally be able to buy him, my dream guitar.

He's my go-to guitar to perform with live.


The Mandolin

As a big fan of Eddie Vedder's song "Rise", I was super stoked to get my hands on a mandolin of my own. The night before I bought Gumnut, I was at a gig and watched this woman perform with a mandolin. I fell in love, and instantly knew I had to buy one for myself and learn to play.


The Plug-In Ukulele

I called this boy Mango because he's actually made of Mangowood! Mango is the my third ukulele, but the only plug-in one, so he's the one which I perform with live.

Fun fact: The back of Mango's body is signed by all members of Aussie band "Ukulele Death Squad", after I was their support act.