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Lottie Liams is a singer-songwriter sent from the heavens to serenade you and your house-plants.  

The 20 year-old has grown up in the thick greenery of the outer Melbourne suburbs and takes that with her everywhere she goes. Never afraid to stand-out in a crowd, Lottie is also an activist who wears her shaved head with pride, speaking out about her experience with chronic illness, and hoping to help others in the process.


Her soft vocals captivated people from the moment she took the stage. Supporting bands such as Middle Kids and Ukulele Death Squad, there’s no place more calming for Lottie than up on stage performing for people. In 2018, Lottie released her debut EP ‘Greenhouse Blues’ a collection of songs about Lottie trying to find her feet and give herself time to grow as a musician. Her angelic vocals and unique sound quickly stole hearts all over. Lottie launched this EP with exhilarating headline shows at The Eastern in Ballarat and The Northcote Social Club in Melbourne. 


In January Lottie released the single ‘Your Reflection’, marking a new chapter in her career as she begins to explore a newer pop sound and stem beyond her folk beginnings. The dark-pop tune tells the story of heartbreak, stripped back, raw and beautiful. ‘Your reflection’ is only the start of what’s to come from this new era as Lottie heads back to the studio, gearing up for her next release.

Meet some of Lottie's Instruments


The Acoustic Guitar

"This Takamine beauty was the first guitar I ever owned. I named her Vera, which is Russian for "faith" (I speak some Russian so its not weird, I swear.) Any of my songs written from February 2017 onwards (when I first bought her), were definitely written on this guitar."


The Electric Guitar

"I'd had my eye on this particular Stratocaster for about 10 months before I played a gig in the last week of October '18, during which I was payed enough money to finally be able to buy him, my dream guitar.

He's my go-to guitar to perform with live."


The Mandolin

"As a big fan of Eddie Vedder's song "Rise", I was super stoked to get my hands on a mandolin of my own. The night before I bought Gumnut, I was at a gig and watched this woman perform with a mandolin. I fell in love, and instantly knew I had to buy one for myself and learn to play."


The Plug-In Ukulele

"I called this boy Mango because he's actually made of Mangowood! Mango is the my third ukulele, but the only plug-in one, so he's the one which I perform with live.

Fun fact: The back of Mango's body is signed by all members of Aussie band Ukulele Death Squad, after I was their support act."